Saturday August 29th 2020
12.00 - 23.00
Border Amsterdam / Zaandam

Rooted in the belief of narrative, we present 11 hours of Reinier Zonneveld live NOW. Join the journey of one day, one stage, one festival.

On Saturday 29 August, Reinier Zonneveld will organise the very first edition of his own festival, LIVE NOW, at Hembrugterrein near Amsterdam. This won’t be your usual festival experience though, where your attention is pulled in myriad different directions; there will be just one stage, one artist performing LIVE for an astonishing 11 hours straight.

Hembrug terrein

Once a hub for the production of ammunition and weaponry, Amsterdam - Zaandam's Hembrugterrein has now transformed into a cultural centre where art and creativity abounds.

Hembrugterrein is a cultural centre housing several restaurants, museums and creative venues. Discover one of the Amsterdam Area's most exciting new destinations.

Where is the festival being held?

At the Hembrugterrein at the border between Amsterdam and Zaandam. Check Google Maps for the exact location.

Where can I buy tickets?

Only at the Ticketshop via this website. If you want to sell or buy tickets safely, do this on the official website: No other websites will sell official tickets!

Will there be lockers available?

Yes, we will have lockers! More info about this later.

What is the minimum age?

Minimum age is 18+ only, there will be ID-checks at the entrance.

Should I print my ticket?

Save the Planet. Avoid printing the tickets and use your phone.

I bought a ticket, but I didn’t receive a mail.

Please visit this website: Paylogic Costumer service

Is there a way for me to sell my ticket?

It is NOT allowed and therefore illegal to re-sell your ticket through unofficial channels/websites.
If you want to sell or buy tickets safely, you are only allowed to do this on the official ticket marketplace: